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CookingIf you like food or enjoy making new dishes, then  Super Star APK is just for you. This game is made for people who love trying out new flavors. We all want tasty and different foods. Cooking Super Star APK is a game where you can discover new cooking ideas online. If you love food, you should join now. Everyone wants to eat the most delicious food. Special flavors happen when good food goes into people’s mouths. You can try the food and cooking industries with the Cooking Super Star game. People who love food can join the game and challenge new things with their love for food.


Become a cooking sensation in the culinary world with this engaging puzzle game. Your task is to serve at various continental hotels across the globe. Step into the shoes of a virtual chef and showcase your culinary prowess to fellow online food enthusiasts. This game not only entertains but also enhances your problem-solving skills and cognitive abilities. Establish your cooking brand and usher in a new era of culinary art through this immersive experience, blending match-3 puzzles, simulation, and RPG elements.

Demonstrate your cooking expertise and elevate your talent to new culinary heights. Develop and manage your restaurants, catering to the tastes of food lovers. Take on the role of the head chef in this virtual hotel management game, featuring an extensive database of delightful recipes. It serves as a valuable resource for gathering cooking ideas and presentation concepts. Explore the world of basic kitchen ingredients and evolve into an exemplary chef in your domain, continuously enhancing your cooking prowess.

Indulge in the glamorous life of a celebrity chef using this incredible app. Participate in numerous cooking competitions, presenting your finest dishes to secure victory. Opt for international cooking tournaments based on your preferences, engaging in bartering, baking, cooking, and selling your creations. Hunt for rare and exceptional ingredients, embark on a global tour to uncover unique recipes and compile them in your recipe book for future reference. Strive to emerge as the top super chef in the virtual culinary world by winning cooking competitions.

Moreover, customize your gameplay layout and background theme as per your liking. Accumulate in-game currency to purchase valuable items from the mentor store. Utilize your collected coins to unlock new themes, layouts, kitchen appliances, rare vegetables, expensive spices, and ingredients. Hard work is the key to amassing enough in-game currency for your progress.


The most skilled chefs from around the globe will join a cooking competition, showcasing their finest creations. In the simulation game Cooking Super Star, players immerse themselves in cooking, bartering, and serving dishes to diners. Constantly on the lookout for ingredients, players explore the most unique and delectable recipes within their reach. Your role in this game is to take on the title of the best super chef in the world.

Start your restaurant.

In Cooking Super Star, players get the chance to create restaurant chains to fulfill customer needs. This simulation game puts you in charge of restaurant management. Players can operate and establish their restaurants, catering to a high-class clientele with food and beverages. Dive into this enjoyable and demanding business simulation game and test your skills in restaurant management.

Explore some fresh recipes.

In Cooking Super Star Apk, players are given unique recipes for the challenge, and the game’s kitchen is stocked with delightful options. One appealing feature of the game is that you can access recipes within your kitchen, giving you the freedom to craft and experiment with new dishes. Utilize basic recipes as a foundation to invent even more innovative creations. Enhance the flavor of delectable dishes to draw in affluent customers. The more delicious your creations, the greater the number of customers you’ll attract to your restaurant. Crafting unique and fresh recipes not only brings variety to dishes but also adds a touch of novelty for your customers’ enjoyment.

Become a culinary sensation.

Your initial aim is to establish a restaurant in a compact space. Activate your business portal and commence cooking delightful dishes to draw in people. Demonstrate your creativity and uncover fresh recipes to advance further. Fulfill orders within the specified time to please your customers. Random patrons will visit your restaurant, placing orders for whatever they desire. Your task is to prepare their requested dishes before the timer expires.

Choose the right ingredients for a particular dish. Aim to fulfill as many orders as possible to become a renowned chef. Prepare the requested meal and promptly serve it to your customers. Ensuring their satisfaction is crucial as it determines your earnings—happy customers pay you generously with gold coins for a job well done. But if they’re not pleased, they won’t pay you. Hence, strive to swiftly complete orders to garner positive reviews and admiration.

Create your recipe book.

Discover hundreds of delightful recipes to prepare. Take on orders and complete straightforward cooking tasks to unlock your recipe book. Once obtained, this book grants access to an array of recipes. Experiment by combining different recipes to craft new dishes, fostering continuous advancement. Elevate your basic cuisine to top-rated continental restaurants by introducing innovative creations. The recipe book spans a variety of culinary categories, encompassing fast food, traditional meals, seafood, Russian salads, desserts, sweets, Indian cuisine, and many other delectable dishes. Utilize this comprehensive book to ascend to the title of World’s Super Chef. Adding your newly created dishes to the recipe book earns you more coins. Accumulate gold coins to unlock additional privileges, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Enjoy the game offline.

So, if you are running out of data, turn on its AI or single-player vibes. You can use all the primary features in the absence of the internet. But if you want to play it with friends or online players, you must have a strong internet connection.

Display your culinary expertise.

With the mystical recipe book in this game, you have the power to prepare any dish. From steak burgers and seafood to barbecues, sushi, Chinese cuisine, sweets, desserts, Indian street foods, and various traditional dishes—you name it! Utilize the finest ingredients to whip up delicious meals like tomato soup, spaghetti, maize dishes, strawberry cake, and more. Enhance your restaurant and flaunt your cooking prowess to fellow online players.

Final Words

Elevate yourself to the title of the best chef in the culinary world with Cooking Super Star APK. This game seamlessly blends RPG, match-three puzzles, and strategy, offering a wealth of cooking inspiration. Gain access to hundreds of culinary ideas, guidelines for food presentation, and options for setting kitchen themes. Additionally, it supports the creation of an ideal food journal featuring the finest traditional recipes.

At the initial level, completing orders rewards you with a recipe book. This in-built book comprises hundreds of recipes, allowing you to add your innovative creations. The appealing graphics and color combinations draw in a vast online community.

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