File Manager Apk

If you need a good and easy file manager Apk for your Android phone, you can try Android File Manager by GreenSoft InfoTech. It’s a strong app, version 3.0.0, and it’s good for everyone, no matter your age. It came out on March 27, 2019.This free file manager Latest Apk is like a super tool. It helps with local and network files and does many jobs, like handling apps, files, networks, and media. The pre-setupd File Manager Apk  that comes with every phone is often limited, suitable for basic tasks in the top layer of the file structure but proving to be limited at best and primitive at worst. People from all over like using it to organize and control their files on Android phones. In addition to handling files, ES File Explorer can also do other things like clearing the cache, checking the SD card, stopping tasks, and more. ES File Explorer can do simple and hard things.

File Manager Apk

You can see your files and also change them – like cutting, copying, pasting, and moving them. It’s easy to move files between devices. The app also lets you look at and play photos and videos, and it can handle .rare and .zip files, which the regular File Manager Apk can’t do. Whether you know a lot or just use your phone normally, ES File Explorer is helpful for everyone. It gives a strong but easy way to handle files on any kind of phone. This app addresses the shortcomings of standard File Managers, offering advanced features and functionalities for users who require more control and flexibility in managing their files on their mobile devices.

Main Feature  File Manager Apk

ES File Explorer: File Manager Free Apk is a great tool, especially for users who want to explore their phone’s files in more detail. Even though it’s described for advanced users, the app is surprisingly easy to use with a friendly interface. The app is designed well and knows what users might need by putting important files like documents, videos, and photos right there, even before you go into the menu for files.ES File Explorer has simple and advanced options. It lets you look through your files and do things like cutting, copying, pasting, and moving them around. It helps easily move things between devices. The app lets you see photos and videos, and it’s better than the basic File Manager because it can handle .rare and .zip files. 

File Manager Apk

For people who really know a lot about phones, ES File Explorer has a special Root Explorer feature. But to use it, you need to root your phone. This comes with some risks, but it lets you do more than the basic File Manager Apk.

ES File Explorer does more than just that. It also has extra tools like a cleaner for extra files, checking your SD card, stopping tasks, and more. It’s a flexible tool that helps with different parts of how your phone’s files are organized.


Whether you know a lot about phones or just use your phone often, you’ll like something about this app.People who are really good with phones and know a lot will like all the tools and things this app gives them in a small, handy package. File Manager Apk shows your files in a nice way and makes it easy for you to look through them. To sum it up, this app is for everyone and works on any kind of phone. Whether you want expert tools or just a simple and neat way to control your files, this app has what you need. Even if you don’t know a lot about phones and just use your phone normally, you’ll still like this app. It shows your files in a nice way, making it easy for anyone to look through and understand.

File Manager Apk

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a phone expert – this app is made to be easy for everyone to use. It works well for both experts and regular users, making it a useful tool for anyone who wants to manage files on their phone efficiently. So, no matter if you know a lot about phones or just use them normally, this app gives you a small but strong solution that fits well into your phone experience.



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