Human Fall Flat Apk

Looking for the Human Fall Flat ApK? Well, you’re in the right spot! It’s an awesome simulator game all about following the rules of physics. In this game, you become a jelly-like character and explore dreamy landscapes full of tricky puzzles. To solve these brain-teasing puzzles, get creative and master your character’s moves – walk, jump, grab, climb, and carry.

There are 10 levels in the game, each with cool puzzles and distractions. Help Bob find his way out of these dreamlike places and discover secrets along the journey. You can play alone or team up with a friend in the 3D graphics making the whole experience even more awesome. If you’re feeling competitive, you can also play online with friends or people from around the world.

Playing with friends makes the game super fun, especially when up to 4 players work together to solve tricky puzzles. And guess what? The game is free! You can even customize your character with lots of outfits like Dog, Ninja, Princess, and more. This lets you create a really funny and unique look for your character. Enjoy the adventure!



Get ready to jump into the fantastic world of Human Fall Flat APK, where the game mixes 3D platformer action with tricky physics. This special combo makes everything on the map feel real and amazing. Even though the graphics are simple, the game nails it with precise hitboxes for every object, letting you interact with them in a super flexible way using the controls. Each map has different goals for players, encouraging you to explore and figure things out without tons of instructions. The challenge adds a big dose of excitement, especially when you’re playing with friends or other players. It’s a blast!

Main Feature

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Fun Controls in Human Fall Flat APK

This game not only has a big, exciting world to explore but also cool controls that make playing even more fun. You get to control every part of your character, even each arm separately! This means you can do things like grab stuff, throw things, and hold onto objects around you. What’s super cool is that you can use these controls to tackle challenges and help your friends in the mini-games in every place you go. The controls might not be super precise, but that’s what makes them adaptable and adds to the fun. They mix with realistic physics to give you a unique and lively gaming experience!


The journey you take in this game goes on and on because it keeps getting new maps all the time. And guess what? These maps are created by lots of players like you! You can even make your cool maps and share them with everyone. This makes the game super fun and lively. Each map is full of surprises like puzzles, obstacles, and mini-games that you can enjoy with your friends. Plus, the puzzles need you to work together and be quick or tricky, adding tons of fun. Everything in the game is like a treasure for everyone in the community, and they promise to keep bringing in lots of exciting challenges for everyone to have a blast!


If you’re up for more craziness and fun in Human Fall Flat APK get ready for a cool character customization system! This system is super flexible and dynamic. You can even draw your stuff or bring it in from outside to make yourself stand out in the game. And here’s the best part – you can earn awesome rewards on different maps, like hats, backpacks, or funny costumes. All this stuff is made by lots of players like you, adding tons of fun and cool things to discover in every part of the game. Cool, right?


This game is packed with tough puzzles. With 10 levels full of distractions and challenges, each one will test your brain. To solve these puzzles, you’ll need to put your physics knowledge to good use. As you complete levels, you’ll become a pro at puzzle-solving. Keep an eye out for new paths and secrets on every level – there’s always something to discover. The puzzles follow real physics, so use your understanding of each level to crack them. It’s a tricky journey, but mastering each level is the key to success!


This game lets you play with friends, family, or even strangers – up to 4 players can join in and solve puzzles together. It’s not just about teamwork; you can also play pranks on each other to add a funny twist to the game. The more players, the merrier! You can forge new friendships in the game and uncover secrets and hidden paths at each level.

There are even two new levels, City and Golf, added in the latest update. Whether you’re helping your friends or throwing a wrench into their plans to make things tricky, multiplayer is all about having a blast together. And don’t worry about using up too much mobile data – the multiplayer is fully optimized. Get ready for some multiplayer madness!


The graphics in this game are really special and cool. It’s all in 3D, making the game even more interesting and awesome. What makes it stand out is the unique jelly-like character that you can dress up in different outfits. The game is filled with beautiful scenes and unique places to explore. The quality is top-notch, with smooth textures that make everything look great

. Just keep in mind that the game has a larger size because of these high-quality graphics. Get ready for a visually stunning experience!


Here’s a fantastic feature for those who love adding their personal touch. Customize your character to make it look unique and eye-catching, especially when playing with friends. There’s a whole bunch of outfits to pick from, like dog outfits, princess dresses, cats, wizards, and witches – the options are endless. Take your pick and make your character stand out! Feeling extra creative? You can even mix and match outfits to create your very own unique look. The choice is yours!


Good news – this game won’t cost you a thing! It’s a free-to-play game, meaning you can enjoy all the levels without spending a single penny. You can find the complete game for free on the Google Play Store. If you prefer, you can also download the game as an app from the internet. Just keep in mind that you’ll need an internet connection to play, especially if you want to dive into the multiplayer. Enjoy the game without breaking the bank

Join the Awesome Human Fall Flat Community!

What makes Human: Fall Flat truly special and famous is its amazing and friendly global community. Regularly, tons of new challenges and puzzles are added to the game’s workshop, keeping things fresh. The game goes the extra mile by integrating a community interface right into the game, letting players explore all the cool new features as they roll out.


Human Fall Flat APK is a well-loved simulator game, and here’s the best part – it’s completely free! You can jump into multiplayer, meet new friends, and easily customize your character right in the game. The controls are super simple and easy to grasp, making it a breeze to play.

With cool 3D graphics, the game becomes even more awesome and interesting. Don’t wait – download the game now and start playing with your friends. The adventure awaits!


Q: Is Human Fall Flat APK paid?

A: You’ve got choices with Human Fall Flat APK  there’s both a free and a paid version. If you go for the paid version, you’ll get some extra features to enhance your experience. Pick the one that suits you best and enjoy the game!

Q: What is Human Fall Flat APK?

A: Embark on a puzzle-filled journey in Human Fall Flat APK with its unique jelly-like character and captivating locations. Customize your character, challenge friends, and explore the game’s mysteries.

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