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Are you into makeup and eager to pick up some easy makeup tricks? Then, let’s dive into Merge Studio APK! This game isn’t just for kids; it’s designed for makeup enthusiasts of all ages, especially those passionate about cosmetics. Your task? Master the art of makeup, from nailing precise contouring to selecting top-notch cosmetic products for your clientele. Your goal is to craft the ultimate beauty parlor, complete with a captivating backdrop that’ll keep customers coming back. Through fun challenges and puzzles, uncover the finest items for your salon. And here’s the exciting part—build your dream beauty empire and earn passive income through your virtual salon.

Merge Studio APK


Merge Studio APK offers a chance to live a glamorous life while exploring the world of makeup and business. Ready to create your own chic beauty space and indulge in the art of makeup?


Merge Studio APK presents an engaging puzzle game tailored for fashion enthusiasts. Renowned for its captivating layouts and appealing interface, this game has amassed a devoted following. Despite the need for enhancements, its high-definition graphics ensure an immersive experience.

Embark on a cosmetic journey within the gameplay, focusing on makeup themes and products. Your objective: deliver top-notch salon services to discerning customers, a task reserved for the skilled. Seamlessly blending entertainment and education, this game imparts fundamental self-grooming tips amidst a myriad of match-three puzzles and challenging tasks. Timely completion is imperative, all before the buzzer sounds, honing your virtual salon’s makeup artistry.

Merge Studio APK


Transition your humble parlor into a bustling beauty hub, starting with sourcing premier cosmetics. Once equipped, cater to clients’ appointments meticulously, adorning faces with precision. Carefully curated hairstyles and attentive service guarantee customer satisfaction, ensuring a lucrative reward of gold coins. But beware, unsatisfied patrons mean no payment. Achieving positive reviews catapults you to local fame.

Customize your clients’ appearances, relishing in the relaxing steps of face and foot treatments. User-friendly instructions facilitate seamless gameplay, although swift decisions might occasionally be necessary. With a straightforward interface designed for girls and kids yet accessible to all ages, Merge Studio APK boasts boundless features.

Merge Studio APK


Unlock an extensive wardrobe brimming with branded outfits, elevating your clients’ allure. Master the art of enhancing beauty, as gatherings prioritize exquisite faces, demanding your dedicated efforts.


Embark on Challenging Missions

Step into the world of Merge Studio APK where every mission presents a canvas for showcasing your makeup prowess. Each new task introduces diverse clients seeking a transformation. Utilize an assortment of tools and premium products to enhance their beauty, all while adhering to their preferences and instructions.

Earn Rewards and Access Privileges

Success yields rewards! Complete missions to earn gold coins, your ticket to unlocking a treasure trove at the mentor store. Outfits, cosmetics, jewelry, and themed elements await, allowing you to personalize and enrich your gaming experience.

Engage with Puzzle-Based Rewards

Beyond missions, the game offers puzzle-based challenges, rewarding strategic problem-solving. Maximize your scores and tackle diverse challenges to amass gold coins for acquiring an extensive range of beauty products and accessories.

Dive into Match-Three Puzzles

Merge Studio APK isn’t just about makeup; it seamlessly integrates match-three puzzles to test agility and decision-making abilities. Solve puzzles swiftly, honing your skills while earning additional rewards.

Merge Studio APK

Experience Multiplayer Engagement

Enter a competitive sphere by engaging in multiplayer. Compete with friends and fellow beauticians, showcasing your talents and aiming for the top spot on the leaderboard.

Stay Updated for an Enriched Experience

Consistent updates ensure an enriched gaming experience. Accessible across various application stores, these updates promise a seamless journey of discovery and enjoyment.


Merge Studio APK is a fantastic virtual beauty salon that helps you learn grooming skills hassle-free. With this app, mastering makeup tricks and handling styling tools becomes a breeze. What’s great is that it works offline, so you can dive into grooming lessons anywhere, anytime. While playing solo doesn’t require an internet connection, enjoying it with friends might need a good connection. While the game is free, some advanced features may require purchases, yet its new version offers these premium perks without any cost. If you enjoy makeup-based games, this app is a must-try. If you’re into similar genres, Monster High Beauty Shop APK and Parlor App are worth exploring. Monster High Beauty Shop amps up the fun with horror makeup for spooky parties, while the Parlor App lets you manage your virtual parlor. Try these apps out and share your experience in the comments!

Merge Studio APK


Embark on a journey to enhance your grooming skills with the immersive experience offered by Merge Studio APK. This virtual beauty salon is your go-to destination for mastering the art of makeup application and exploring the latest hair styling tools. Dive into the world of self-grooming principles, all conveniently at your fingertips. The beauty of Merge Studio lies in its accessibility, as you can delve into its captivating features offline, making it an ideal companion for those moments without internet connectivity. However, if you’re in the game for a collaborative experience, a robust internet connection will connect you with friends for shared gameplay.


Is Merge Studio APK available on the App Store?

Merge Studio APK has been successfully uploaded to the App Store, making it accessible for Mac users. Additionally, it is compatible with both PCs and desktops, offering a versatile experience across various platforms.

Does Merge Studio APK have any new version?

Yes,new version of Merge Studio APK is indeed available on different internet websites. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and select a reliable source when opting for the new version.

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