My Talking Tom

If you’re in search of a virtual pet game with legendary status for your mobile? So My Talking Tom is best Have a blast breeding virtual cats on your mobile with the legendary game, Have fun breeding your kitten, Tom, in the game. and then make sure eats well and has fun playing so he can grow into a smart and mature cat. Right after launch, with everyone feeding Tom and taking him to the bathhouse. Right after its debut, its quickly became the talk of the gaming town, grabbing everyone’s attention.its got a massive 13 million pre-registrations in a short time impressive, right?

After tom became a hit, Outfit7 dropped My Talking Tom 2 game play online Friend on iOS and Android  it’s the next cool thing! For all the fans out there, Outfit7 just dropped the free Talking Tom Friend game on iOS and Android enjoy!  players look after Tom and other cats in a new house.each cat has its daily routine, giving players lots to do. in addition Plus, have fun changing how the cats look in the virtual house! it has cool graphics and stays cheerful, funny, and colorful, making the experience truly marvelous. here’s a quick guide. in addition get started by downloading the free game, 

My Talking Tom

Story My Talking Tom

Your Talking Tom cat is lively and super lifelike in My Talking Tom 2 apk it’s more than just a virtual pet! Just take care of your cat feed it, let it grow, play, and breeze through game screens to grab more gold coins! Loads of gold  Awesome! finally Go shopping, grab supplies, and watch your cat’s display grow super fast. collect tons of gold coins, and watch your cat grow into a massive one! Tom, roll up your sleeves! Work hard to pump up that gold stash quickly in My Talking Tom friends. Before you race to level up in  Talking Tom, let’s start with some easy instructions to get you going.


Use of circle icon My Talking Tom

In  Talking Tom, nail Level 1 by simply following the game instructions from the get-go. Easy peasy! lets  start  Talking by giving some grub to the hungry Tom easy peasy!  look for a red circle plate and spoon icon on the belly  it means your cat is hungry! Hungry? Just click the icon in  check out a bunch of tasty foods on the dining table interface! Feeding time! and then Just touch the plate of the food you want to give Tom in My Talking Tom. Easy, right?  when you see the circular icon with a fork and leopard spoon, your cat is full and happy!

My Talking Tom

circle icon has a toilet My Talking Tom

Post-meal routine! In My Talking Tom, when the icon turns red, it’s bathroom time for your cat Tom.Ready for a bathroom break? Just tap the circle in and cat Tom is good to go! All set!  after the bathroom, the symbol turns green  everything’s good to go!

My Talking Tom

A smile icon

Time to play! and then In My Talking Tom, when the smile icon is more than half red, your cat Tom is eager for some fun let’s play! Got almost all your needs covered! Spread the joy! Just tap and stroke the smiley icon  and watch it light up with a smile. finally Have fun! Stroking and playing with it  is a blast. and then Boredom alert! when the icon turns green, your cat is done playing  time for a break!

Time for bed

Happy kitty! Look for the red circle icon with a moon and star in Tom  it means all your cat’s needs are taken care of! Nap time! Just click on this icon in Tom to let the cat go to sleep. finally lights off! Similar to us, turn off the light in  its undisturbed sleep. Ready for more fun!  when the icon turns green,  your cat is wide awake, and you can continue playing. Success!  when everything turns green, you are finished Level 1  onto the next one!

My Talking Tom


Pet game superstar! My Talking Tom APK is the most popular choice today.Life-like care! its allows you to feed, rest, and meet all the needs of your virtual cat, just like in real life.Get ready for a fun time! Raising this cute cat  is really interesting. fun for everyone! it is a game that people of all ages can enjoy.

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