NA5 WhatsApp APK

Looking for an NA5 WhatsApp APK? Don’t worry this article is for you

Many communication apps are available on the internet, but Some Applications are not suitable for every phone. But don’t worry Today, shared the best NA5 WhatsApp APK for your Android device NA5 WhatsApp APK offers multiple colorful WhatsApp themes but the default theme color is bright yellow you can change your Whatsapp theme color from setting according to your own choice NA5 WhatsApp APK version is safe and secure for your mobile phone

This app is the newest version of the original, offering multiple theme colors and advanced features you can try and set all the settings according to your needs as well and the app has cool features you won’t find in other apps 


What is NA5 WhatsApp APK?

NA5 WhatsApp APK is the latest version of the original app, providing users with multiple theme colors with cool themes and advanced features, and is easy to use. The latest WhatsApp Messenger lets you customize everything according to your needs. Explore the expansive features of this app, ensuring compatibility with all Android smartphones. Users can enjoy numerous interesting features free of cost Choose a different font style on NA5 WhatsApp APK, find cool fonts like Sans, Design, and Handwriting, and Access premium features to customize WhatsApp, change profile pictures, extend status durations, and more This application offers the option to schedule messages for one week without saving contacts on your list. Additionally, it allows you to record, copy, and share all communications.

Main Features

Yellow Theme Colour

Choose the Yellow Theme, not just as a color preference, but as a lifestyle choice that brightens your digital connections. Upgrade to Na5 WhatsApp and let your conversations shine in the golden glow of the Yellow Theme.

Colored fonts

There are many different unique colored fonts that you can use in your daily communication. This has a positive impact and makes your presence prominent among others. You can use these colors with your own choice

60 Premium Fonts

Discover 60 premium fonts for impactful daily communication. Stand out in group chats and status stories.

Pre-scheduled messages

Another interesting feature that has been added to this app is scheduled massage which means you can send a message to anyone on a schedule


Explore the capabilities of the NA5 WhatsApp APK, facilitating the scheduling of replies for up to 5 days and enabling the creation of personalized auto-reply bots

Anti-Ban Feature

The latest version includes an anti-ban feature, to protect your WhatsApp account, so you can avoid those annoying temporary or permanent bans.

Themes Unlocked

NA5 WhatsApp APK stands out for its diverse themes and customization options. Choose from hundreds of premium styles and colors to easily transform your WhatsApp’s default theme to your preferred look.

Hide seen

There is another feature In NA5 WhatsApp APK which is that you can hide your last seen which means that you can show anyone that you have offline on WhatsApp, you have to use the option of hide seen. When you enable the up-hide seen option, the time show that is going on at that time will freeze and it will become your last scene. but you are online,

See others deleted messages

It has another feature, See Other Deleted Message, which means that you can also view the deleted message. if the person talking to you deletes the message for everyone, then the message will not be deleted from you.

Share images in high-quality

Generally, if you send your photo or any picture to someone in other WhatsApp, the quality of the image is slightly downgraded. But within this WhatsApp, if you send a picture like yours, it will reach the next person in the same quality

video sending duration

Video sending duration up to 30 minutes here means if you want to send a video to someone, you can send videos up to 30 minutes.

Hide recording status while chatting

If you’re sending a recording to someone and you’re also talking to them, they won’t be able to see that you’re recording

Set password lock to WhatsApp

You can also set your password lock inside this WhatsApp. If you want that there are some things in your WhatsApp that no one else can see, then you can use the WhatsApp password for that.

Hide your favorite contacts

Another feature of WhatsApp is that you can hide your favorite contacts from the WhatsApp home screen

Set WhatsApp status up to 300 words

Compared to other WhatsApp, you can use 300 Words while posting statuses in it. This feature is only visible within the same WhatsApp and not within any other WhatsApp

More Additional Features of This WhatsApp

  • Eye-catching user interface
  • Secure your privacy
  • Dark Version
  • sticker and emojis
  • Share music video and video
  • anti-ban
  • anti-status delete
  • Hide Blue tick
  • Hide online status
  • see deleted status
  • voice/video call blocker
  • Get multilingual with NA
  • Pauses in Your Audio Recording
  • Watchdog on Your Internet Consumption
  • Unique Interface
  • Quick Updates
  • Group Call Option
  • Message Yourself
  • Save View Once
  • Text any Number

My Perspective

In my extensive WhatsApp journey, NA5 WhatsApp APK has emerged as a standout. Its excellence is not just impressive; it’s operating at its peak. For regular WhatsApp users, the installation of this application is strongly advocated. My love for it is genuine


NA5 WhatsApp stands out as an appealing and user-friendly WhatsApp mod. Its vibrant themes and extensive font styles make it particularly popular among females. Importantly, NA5 WhatsApp APK can seamlessly run alongside the regular WhatsApp. If you appreciate this WhatsApp mod, stay tuned for more fantastic features in future updates!

The app ensures a user-friendly experience and is especially favored by couples and females for its diverse themes and styles. Notably, you can run both the Original WhatsApp and NA5 WhatsApp APK concurrently on your device. Additionally, the anti-ban feature safeguards your account from actions taken on the original app.

Q: Is NA5 WhatsApp safe to use compared to the original WhatsApp?

NA WhatsApp is a reliable choice for consumers concerned about privacy as it prioritizes security with enhanced functionality.

Q: Does NA WhatsApp receive regular updates like the official WhatsApp?

NA WhatsApp receives regular updates, aligning with the official version’s update frequency. This ensures continuous improvement in security measures and the addition of new features.

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