Score Hero Apk

If you’re searching for a moving soccer information,look no further than the game with version 3.16, developed by First Touch Games Ltd. Free on November 19, 2015, and rated “Everybody,” this game offers you the chance to fulfill your dream of pretty a worldwide soccer star.Score Hero Apk offers an easy-to-play, puzzle-inspired format that has lucky millions of players general. Imagine enjoyable in truthful 3D soccer action and having the casual to sign with your preferred soccer team or play for your country. This football game brings the choice of the sport to your fingertips, joining clever gameplay with the thrill of reaching your soccer dreams.

Score Hero Apk

Whether you aspire to join a respected team or embody your nation on the field, this game talents an immersive and pleasant skill for soccer enthusiasts of all ages. Take and setup version 3.16 now tokick off your trip near soccer glory in this stirring and nearby mobile game byFirst Dash Games Ltd.

Gameplay of Score Hero Apk

In Score Hero Apk, Android games get the chance to embark on an epic soccer career with their own young football player. You’re free to create types with traits you prefer, guiding them done the ranks of young teams, waged hard to climb up to the top disunion’s. Win matches, boost your skills to take on tougher enemies, compete in admired races, and lead your teams to win, earning personal glories to convert the Score Hero Apk.Enjoy the infinite in-game levels that present a series of stirring soccer contests and winning gameplay. With snowballing application levels and gripping stories following each match, you’ll find by hand fully deep in the game. Feel the victories as your own and have absolute fun in the game.

Score Hero Apk

Score Hero Apk for PC boasts enhanced graphics, dynamic football actions, realistic notes, and many in-depth elements, aiming to impress even the most cynical soccer fans. Duck by hand in the soccer world, shaping the destiny of your charm and feeling the thrill of win in this exciting mobile game.

Main Features of Score Hero Apk

Here are all the cool features that the game has to offer:

Easy-to-use touch controls that are also incredibly enjoyable.

Score Hero Apk Latst version offers a great chin with its in-built and cooperative touch wheels for Android gamers. You have the liberty to guide the course of the ball when creation shots or passes. Use the touch screen to execute flexible orders, allowing you to easily bend the ball and reach perfect performances. Smash the ball to the corners or smartly misdirect the zookeeper to ensure your goals. Make farfetched passes with elegant swipes on the touch screen, and enjoy the liberty to interact with the game using these enjoyable touch controls. With these intuitive features, Score Hero Apk provides an attractive and responsive gameplay skill, putting you in control of the action on the soccer field.

Engage in numerous competitive leagues within the game

Like to Vision League Soccer 2022 and other fanciful football games, Score Hero Apk old version offers some of the most good football groups worldwide for you to freely join and enjoy. Have fun picking real teams from LaLiga, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Jupiler Pro League, and various other top wars across Europe and yonder. Compete and aim for victory with your favorite teams, working hard to bring glory to your clubs and yourself by winning top wars against the world’s chief teams in Score Hero Apk.

Play with officially licensed teams and divisions in the game.

If you’re interested, you can now like an stirring football job in Score Hero Apk for android by linking many of your favorite teams and divisions in the game.

Score Hero Apk

Select from 90 formally certified teams universal and join in famous leagues such as LaLiga, Bundesliga, and many others. Vie for your favorite teams and join your beloved partners in ultimate races for domestic finals and universal events.

Have a great time with the new Infinite Hero

In Score Hero Apk, Android gamers can enjoy the Endless Hero where you can join in endless soccer tests with your stars. Have fun gunfire, taking free kicks, and tackling various stirring tasks that join all the in-game process. Complete endless levels with growing trouble to see how far you can go.

Collect trophies and accomplish achievements in the game.

To rally the enjoyment of the game, Android gamers can now aim to complete many successes and earn trophies, unlocking special prizes. With various races and unique objectives, you can always find wish in the charming gameplay.

Free to play

Despite all the electrifying features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile plans. You can easily transfer it from the Google Play Store and have fun with many in-game features.


The game offers a simple yet highly pleasant soccer career imitation with state-of-the-art in-game actions, if that Android gamers with an immersive and thrilling mobile skill. Dislike its upfront gameplay, the game stands out for its facility to capture the core of a soccer career. Players can engross in various in-game actions, making the gaming skill more pleasant and lively. The simplicity of the game course checks that players of all skill levels can easily grip and have fun with the mobile title.

Score Hero Apk

The overall design inspires players to fully immerse themselves in the game, nurturing an setting where they can have complete fun traveling various features and facets of the soccer career imitation. In heart, the game’s ease in gameplay, joint with its advanced in-game travels, makes a pleasant and nearby mobile gaming skill for Android users, creation it an pleasant choice for soccer fans of all ages.



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